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SQL Services has many useful features. Nevertheless, two standout features are ‘phpMyAdmin’ and ‘MYSQL Root Password’.


When it comes to usage, ‘phpMyAdmin’ might be the feature which get the most clicks. The ‘phpMyAdmin’ option allows the root user to access all mySQL databases for the webmaster. If you have four cpanel accounts, you can access each and every mySQL database for all accounts.

MYSQL Root Password

By default, the mySQL root password is the same as the root password. The advantage is simplicity, the disadvantage is security. With Putty, you can login to your Linux hosting account with your root username and password.

To login to mySQL with Putty,
1) Login to Linux hosting as ‘root’.
2) Type: mysql

Wasn’t that easy? Well, you can add another layer of protection by updating the ‘Root mySQL’ password’.

To update the ‘Root mySQL Password’,
1) Select ‘mySQL Root Password’.
2) Add the password and password again.
3) Click ‘Change Password’.