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What is Joomla ?

Joomla is a content management system which is a fork from Mambo. It is written in php and uses a mysql database. It is a fast easy way to have a website for which content can be added, changed and deleted in any media form. This is a very good concept for small business and people who will have changes that need to be updated as time marches on.  

The advantages of Joomla is that is a rather simple start to build a website with a limited skillset. And, it is easy to make more use of it until as the skillset grows. Joomla can allow anyone to have all the content they want in one place and to add nice features like galleries, popups, ecommerce and directories; whether it be do-it-yourslef or hired help. The extra features are called extensions and can be installed in the administrator area. Some are free, some are a few bucks. If the user likes all features of the newly added software, then Joomla will work well. If style is just an issue, editing css is option for exact styling, whether it be the template file or a css file within an extension. Bohemia Website Services is very familiar with Joomla and can take your needs in the direction you are seeking; with custom web development and through help in our community section.

Joomla can be gold to a skilled web developer because he will know how to analyze extensions for security, secure Joomla by moving sensitive files outside the root dir, edit/create templates, create/edit extensions to do exactly what he wants and optimize the site for performance.

Joomla has several weaknesses out of the box. Most can be avoided or handled by more experienced web developers. One of the weaknesses is custom templating. Although there are zillions of templates available and software to build the templates; changing these to be precise is much more difficult than editing a simple css file in an html/css webpage. Therefore, custom Joomla templates designed ‘outside the box’ will cost more than those made with commercial software or those which can be purchased. However, compared to software developed templates, there are benefits such as less bloat in the code.