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Why Every Web Developer Should Write or Blog

This might come as a surprise to write such an article, but it could help with your journey as a web developer / programmer. The main reason I would even suggest such a title or this advice can be put in the next simple sentence. All coding can be learned much more effectively if it is presented to you in a form that you learn best.

Before we get to your writing, let’s start with something you can relate to… good teacher and bad teacher. For example, I remember taking Calculus back in the day when one teacher was in his own world and nobody really knew what he was talking about. To make things worse, the text book he chose was written by an author who just could not get through to the masses.

After the semester, I switched to a professor that was great communicator that kept everyone interested. In addition to that, he wrote the textbook which just made sense. Now, the outcome should be obvious and I will state the obvious. Since the second teacher had made learning easier and enjoyable, the concepts stuck and my grade was significantly better.

So, with that said, I will continue explaining why your should blog or write. The main reason is that your notes and methods probably make the best fit for your learning. Therefore, if you read or learn from another source and it is off the grid from your normal methodology, you may want to create a better resource you can always come back to. Here is where you can create a code snippet and great blog post that not only will help others and yourself, but, it will save you time in the future when you need to use it again. If there is one thing a web developer will do in the future it is doing something very similar to what he had already done. 

Asides from structured learning and a better resource, your blogging and writing could help supplement your career choice and drive targetted traffic your way.

Although writing and blogging can accelerate your skills, it does not mean that other sources are invaluable.. just the opposite. It is always good to learn how to see through the eyes of another and know what the coding does. The more code you read from other sources, the better you will be at handing all sorts of coding from various web applications, frameworks and content management systems. Eventually, the coding suprises will become fewer and far between and your production will skyrocket.

Essentially, your writing should be an accellerator and your reading and curiosity should better your knowledge.