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A blog is an invaluable resource for any website that is concerned with SEO. A blog is like writing freelance articles that will become titled, keyworded and indexed with search engines; especially the most popular one ‘Google’. Unlike other menus and content management, a blog allows unrelated and related articles to be displayed in an order; such as the time they are made. For example, a blog for an autobody shop may have articles about car care, car maintenance, car painting, how to notice bad drivers, and have articles about trends in car painting.

Although the list may not have articles all about the same subject, it will not be noticeable when a Google search is performed. When someone searches on the search engine for a particular subject ‘like maintaining new car paint’, the page that shows up in the organic searches will only display the relevant page the person was seeking. Although the subject matter can be rather unrelated, it should fit in well with your website so that you land the surfer there and have a website that will keep his interest. If the topic was way out of whack like ‘Pubs in Vancouver’ on a website about horse grooming the reader may have a glance, see what the website is all about, then high tail it elsewhere.