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When you set up a main menu with WordPress, the order for the pages on the main menu will be exactly in the order for which they are created. The menu will work fine for a site with a simple menu. But what if you want to change the menu order or menu names?

Changing Menu Names
Changing menu names is very simple. You just go to the dashboard and select pages. Then, select a page, change the name, and click update.

Changing Menu Order
Changing menu order is a little more difficult to do.

To change the order,
1) Login to WordPress admin
2) Select Pages
3) Put a number in the order. For example, your home page could be number 0 or number 1.  If it was number 1, the next page would be number 2, and so on.

If new pages are added, yo just do another order shuffle.

All submenu pages for the parent pages will remain intact.