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Tortoise is SVC software which can be used to add your files and versions to the WordPress plugins directory.


1) Install Tortoise
2) Update readme.txt
3) Make a new trunk folder which will have all your plugin files and the read me file. This can be located anywhere such as on the desktop.
4) Right Click on trunk folder > SVN Checkout > Select the Trunk Folder as destination. Choose all files and folders > Click OK

To add files to the trunk folder,

1) Right Click on trunk folder > Select SVN Commit

To make new versions,
1) Right click on trunk folder.
2) Select SVN > Branch / Tag
3) Create a tag version folder like:
4) Click OK. After this, you can edit any version or make new tags from any version or the trunk version.

To take a previous WordPress plugin version and make a new version,
1) Right click the version folder.
2) Select SVN > Branch / Tag
3) Create a tag version folder like:
4) Click OK.

More Tortoise SVN Features

As you can see on your plugin page, the version in your tags is shown in the compatibility widget. This set of files is actually in the the tags/version# folder

To access your trunk or tags folders,
1) Open Tortoise > Repo(Repository) Browser > Open current version (The version in trunk and tags/version# folder > Select Folder > Delete >Click OK

To add a tag folder after deletion,

1) Go to plugin folder on your pc (It may have a large green check mark)
2) Right click > Tortoise SVN > Branch / Tag > Write the tag url like: 
3) Click OK

The Tortoise Repository Browser is similar to FTP. You can add files, copy to working working folder, and more.