PHP / MYSQL Programming

At some point you will need a web developer web designer to build your website. With that in mind, the site's construction phase should consider how to tackle your web marketing plan. Web developers, web marketers and web designers have vasts ranges of skills. A gem would be to find someone or a company who can multitask efficiently. From experience, a PHP programmer who can hand code should be a good fit since that skill set can be the most difficult to excel. In a large company, experts tend to stay focused on their position.

Now, the next step is to find the skilled programmer you can trust at decent rates. If you want to play it safe, hiring a PHP programmer who can hand code html, CSS, PHP and mySQL would probably be the person who can cater exactly to your needs and be very quick.

In addition to being able to assemble websites rapidly, solid programming procedures allows for the building of high performance and high quality websites. Adequate technical coding makes a strong website just like quality materials and workmanship makes a strong home.

Potential Scenarios

After calling calling five people you get five different answers. Company A quoted you $3000 for a 5-page website and left no details, Company B was a Wordpress specialist who recommended that platform, Company C builds ASP sites, Company D sounded like someone selling services for someone else and did not come across as knowledgable and Company E was a student building a portfolio who worked with HTML / CSS.

Where does one typically go from here?

vancouver / squamish php programmer
You may have heard of html / css, Wordpress, PHP and other such techie terms amongst friends, Facebook users, etc. But, building your website is a big step and so much can go wrong. Someone new could easily be out of business in a year or so, while Company A is charging much too much.

Now, you face the big do you know which platform you really need?

The truth is, most small business websites or personal blogs can be built with Wordpress, Joomla, html / css, custom PHP / mySQL programming or a combination. Since more than 70% of a websites use PHP / mySQL as a the server side language, this fact helps to ensure that many others could easily take over your project in the future. When a PHP programmer can write code from his head, there is not wasted time.

Valid Option For Web Development
Sitemakin CMS was created as an option to use as a cms which could use any web template and make it editable. Furthermore, the Search Engine Friendly Blog with the cms loads very fast. Therefore, Sitemakin CMS would be a platform that is hard to compete with. It is easier to use than most open source content management systems and it loads pages with lean code.

On top of it all, building the website is much faster. Sitemakin CMS is a good option for any small business who wants a website that can be edited any time and load in a browser in less than 1/10 second.  
To find a PHP programmer,
  1. Check company's experience
  2. Check company portfolio
  3. Ask about formal training
  4. See their SEO rank at
  5. Ask about hosting fees
  6. Ask about the platform and if it is built for high performance optimization.
  7. Ask if they outsource.

  • Simple Web Design Training
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript (JQuery)
  • PHP / mySQL
  • Linux Admin

Our Skills

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Wordpress CMS 90%
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