Hiring a web developer should be practical procedure for building a simple or database driven website. However, experience, qualities and techniques will vary from web developer to web developer. Therefore, it helps to make the ideal selection the first time around.

Often, a web designer in Squamish can take on many duties to that of a web developer. The range of a web designer's coding skills can vary dramatically. Some are very gifted, hard-working artists who struggle with coding to those who can hand code PHP / mySQL applications in a heart beat. With that in mind, the web developer should have a decent skillset for web marketing.

Since PHP / mySQL is the most popular server side programming language on the Internet by a longshot, hiring a web developer who is competent with this programming is a good option. Furthermore, choosing a PHP programmer could make it easier to update the website if you want to change the web developer at some stage. For those on a smaller budget, leveraging the ideal freelancer who covers the spectrum can make your web development and web marketing a worthwhile experience.

Squamish / Vancouver php programmer

  • Simple Web Design Training
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript (JQuery)
  • PHP / mySQL
  • Linux Admin

Our Skills

Sitemakin CMS 100%
Joomla and Wordpress CMS 90%
HTML/CSS & JavaScript 95%
PHP & mySQL 95%

Meet Your Local Web Developer

These days, the LAMP stack, known as Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP are a group of technologies that work together to create web applications. Some applications and frameworks for web development using this technology are Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Xoops, Facebook, OSCommerce, Magento, Codeigniter, Zend, cake and thousands of other PHP/mySQL scripts. The web developer could use one or any combination of the various technologies to build a website efficiently.

Talking to the web developer about your needs will help in determining which method to build your website; for today's and tomorrow's needs. If you get lucky, you may find a web developer who can do the design, high performance website optimization, secure coding and blogging; such as a technical writer / web developer.
To make a selection for web development, you should consider a few simple details. Here is a list for which we believe can help in determining an adequate selection.
  1. Experience
  2. Portfolio
  3. Formal Training
  4. SEO rank at alexa.com
  5. Hosting fees
  6. High performance optimization.
  7. Outsourcing
Experience speaks for itself. An experienced developer can listen to your needs and immediately see what details lie ahead and potential bottlenecks.

A portfolio with working sites gives an idea what can be delivered. The codes can be analyzed, if desired.

The formal training will be a solid foundation to understanding how Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP all relate to each other and how to maintain a secure website. We did not train for our health, but for the benefit of being better and allowing peace of mind for customers. Good training can cost more than 20 websites and it shows a strong discipline and liking to the web development field.

Alexa.com will show a rank for website popularity. It is not perfect, but it is public and it does a good job separating popularity without looking at server statistics.

High performance optimization is delivering a website with code that is lightweight and quick. It could be anything from changing images to altering Jquery or PHP code to make faster queries.

Outsourcing is having the job done elsewhere. To explain this in simple terms, some companies hire abroad; all or in part. Like Craigslist would say, "Deal locally!"