Wordpress web design and development is a very popular website option in 2017, and will likely remain popular in coming years. One such strong reason for this is site ownership. As many do it yourself web services come targeting you, they all have one thing in common and that is web rental.

I will discuss how Wordpress has drag and drop features as well that rival its do it yourself competitors, but I will begin with explaining how Wordpress websites can be simple websites, or practically extend into anything you want. With that said, Wordpress is a worthy option if you are seeking a simple small business website, blog, content management system, ecommerce and perform some specific feature using an existing plugin.

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Wordpress Web Design

The design part of Wordpress will be covered in this segment. The development aspects of Wordpress will be discussed in the next section.

Fullstack Web Studio offers three solutions for designing your pages; templates, custom design and converting a template to custom design. Wordpress is a dominant web technology in popularity which makes it an inviting choice for your new website.

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Wordpress Templates

The first option is very affordable and the outcome will be superb. The first phase is that I start off with an understanding of your favorite web pages and what appeals to you. In addition, knowing what you dislike can offer some insight too.

After that, you, I or both of us assemble the content, images and video for your website. At this point, we both know the page structure and slightly flexible design for your site.

Once the parts are in place, or at least some of them, I begin the build. I start with creating your own account, perform a new Wordpress installation with security measures and purchase a theme that suits your needs. In some cases, the client may find it suitable, as is. In other cases, I customize it. It is not uncommon that I end up with under a hundred, hundreds, or over a thousand lines of custom css and javascript to reach the desired look.

Usually, upon completion, I setup any email accounts that are required, tweak SEO and make backups. The process almost always ends with exceeding your expectations and loving the website.

Behind the scenes, Varnish caching is used to deliver the website very quickly.

Wordpress From Scratch

Sometimes, a client comes to me with the desire for a site that is very specific, or custom. This could be a mockup drawn on a piece of paper with many details, built with software designed for this purpose, or the showing of a favorite website.

The next step I perform is to build a custom Wordpress theme based on HTML / CSS and Javascript. Depending on the complexity of the new site, it will look elegant with the home page, other pages, blog posts and e-commerce pages(if required).

In addition to the theme, I install or create custom Wordpress plugins, if required. With this method, anything can be built to precision.

Vancouver and Squamish Wordpress Redo
Vancouver and Squamish Redesign

Wordpress Style From Recoded Template

This option is really a mix of the previous two methods and leans more towards option one since I actually start with a commercial template because I have looked over the scheme well enough to determine what is the faster and more affordable method to reach the tailor-made outcome.

When choosing this method, I would compare template features to see how much it can be adjusted 'as is' to reach the style goal. On the other hand, I make an estimate for the time required to add the features where the template falls short.

To make this more clear in terms of the actual job duties, I will alter the look with Css and Javascript coding that could be quite elaborate and build custom plugins that may need to be supplemented as well.

Wordpress Web Development

The development side of Wordpress will be covered in this segment. Development covers coding that requires databases and more heavy duty features like e-commerece, whereas design which was covered previously, is all about the look.

Wordpress Plugins

When it comes to Wordpress plugins, they will be installed to suit the website needs. For example, if e-commerce is part of the process, it is likely that Woocommerce will be be installed and activated.

Normally, after plugins are added, customization is required. Some of this is a routine exercise of point and click to make it function according to specs. At other times, I must get under the hood and make coding changes. The coding changes could take place in many locations like template files, plugin files and Wordpress core files.

At times, the changes are simple. Other times, just the opposite. In addition, I use version control for all files for all files which I am changing in case I need to rollback to previous versions. Version control is a tool that can track file changes and commits. Thus, you can make changes, test files and keep or discard upon success. Impossible to imagine not using it in the modern era.

Wordpress PHP / mySQL

Wordpress makes it possible for PHP / mySQL programmers to write custom code into files and bypass plugin rules. With this option, you can have any custom database application integrated into your Wordpress website.

Vancouver and Squamish PHP Programmer
Vancouver and Squamish mySQL Expert
Vancouver and Squamish PHP Coder

Wordpress Web Site Maintenance

After the Wordpress web design and development reaches completion, the site will be easy to maintain for the client or myself. Although some people prefer to self-maintain, it is more common that Fullstack Web Studio makes the changes as most people don't seem to particularly show an interest in using web technologies.

On a positive note, Wordpress makes it very easy and cost effective to maintain a website.

Earlier, I mentioned that I would explain some information about drag and drop techniques with Wordpress. In short, there are Wordpress plugins like Visual Composer that can be added to your installation that make it possible to use a GUI to build web pages. For non-coders, this can help you make fancier pages, buttons, and unique layouts.

With drag and drop tools, you can use its custom builders and you have the option to go to other modes when editing your website. Therefore, there is the gui option and regular editor mode which can please coders and non-coders alike.

As you can see, Wordpress gives all the benefits of online do it yourself builders while allowing 100% file and database ownership. On top of that, hosting is often more affordable and personal support is quicker and better.

Wordpress Extension

As time goes forward, your website is in a safe place because Wordpress popularity, plugin options and custom development options make it easy to grow in the future. Wordpress has an estimated over 27% Internet usage according to sources. This popularity means developers are active extending it and adding new features on a regular basis.

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Although this article explains many of the reasons why Wordpress is a strong option for your website; it may not be the best option for your particular situation. Please contact Fullstack Web Studio to enquire if Wordpress web design and development is right for you.

Contact Fullstack today if you have any questions about Wordpress Development in Squamish, Vancouver and surrounding areas.