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Simple Websites

Simple websites are static websites designed to your liking. Typically, they are used to display text, images and videos. To build a simple website, you have an affordable option to use a theme or have it created from scratch. Starting from a theme and customizing it will be your cheaper option, and often a theme that is modified can look as close to the client’s wish as a site made from scratch.

In the beginning, we sill discuss your options and choose the best solution for your needs.

Small Business Web Design

Although approximately 1/2 of all small businesses don’t have a website, those that do have one know it servers two very good purposes; a means of finding the company and a source to list the important facts about the company. For example, a daycare company could keep all important documents available for download while a printer could easily direct a lead to the pricing page so he finds the best option for his needs.

WordPress Content Management System

By a long shot, WordPress is the number one go to content management system in the world. Unlike the competitors on the TV that offer a rental structure, WordPress is free and you actually own the website. And make no mistake, it is used by many individuals, small companies and giant players. Unlike the competitors on the TV that offer a rental structure, WordPress is free and you actually own the website.

Below is a list of some of the WordPress features that can ensure you will be competitive on the web.

  • Stylish website
  • Content Control
  • SEO control
  • Real Estate Websites
  • Built in blog for content marketing
  • Add custom plugins like slideshows, woocommerce and popups
  • Whatever you want…

E-commerce: Woocommerce / Opencart / Prestashop and More

All these solutions are dynamic web applications that use PHP / mySQL. Woocommerce plugs in to WordPress, while the others are stand alone web apps that are effective on their own. They install rather quickly. Then, the design, custom configuration and custom coding are implemented to bring the concept into a reality.


Woocommerce is the ‘go to’ ecommerce platform for many reasons. The biggest reason is it is a WordPress plugin and that in itself allows it to do many things from building large shopping stores to integrating synching inventory with point of sale systems like Square. In addition, it works well with the Canada Post API for determining precise shipping rates.

Web Hosting

Your site will load fast on a Linux server. Files will also be coded to ensure users are engaged and do not have to wait for excessive page loads.


Blogs allow you to demonstrate your expertise, share knowledge, and gain traction for SEO. Once a blog is setup, anyone can login and publish new pages on the fly. With good navigation and a primed writing strategy, it is a friend of everyone trying to reach more targeted visitors to the website.

Content Writing

Even going wayback, content is what Google and other search engines crawl in order to rank a website for specific topics and keywords. Thus, it is the most powerful investment to any website that is serious about acquiring plenty of traffic. Having written and coded well over 500,000 words for the web, I can create a program that will help you succeed with rates starting at what my magazine publishers pay(.25 cents per word).

From a personal viewpoint, content writing is what most websites lack. When organic leads coming to a website are analyzed, they often through many doors(terms). Thus, creating content and a strategy to rank high for those terms will take plenty of content, as the list is long and multiple pages will be required, in addition to internal and external links.

PHP / mySQL Coding

Custom forms, registration systems and membership pages. These are just a few examples for which custom PHP / mysql is applied. PHP is a server side script language and mySQL is a relational database management system. The two work hand in hand to store and retrieve data from a database.

Linux Servers

All websites use Linux servers with the popular Centos operating system. It makes your hosting very affordable and stable and can host many PHP / mySQL platforms like Worpdress, Magento, and Opencart. In addition, user accounts use the industry defacto called Cpanel for users to manage their accounts

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) and Google Analytics

SEO is an ongoing process of using keyworded content directed towards your ideal visitors in order to make a conversion. A conversion could be a sales call or just the addition of another engaged reader. In addition to content, a link strategy is also important as quality websites that link back will provide you ‘link juice’ for the search engines in addition to referral links. Analytics is used to report on the progress and make informed decisions based on visitor data.

SEO and Google Adwords

Google Adwords and Bing Ads can take any service or product and turn it from ‘zero’ to ‘hero’ almost instantly. However, there are many tips and tricks that can be used to save money and to ensure a positive ROI(return on investment).

SEO Reporting

With a monthly SEO plan, I can fine tune your pages and fresh content using updated reporting methods which will allow a better in page in the ‘eyes of the search engines’. Often,
many website owners want the best ranking possible with the exact message they had written.
Unfortunately, Google and other search engines have their own criteria and rules must be followed to ensure the effort reaches its goals.

To keep track of this process, I will track your visitors and progress with Google Analytics. With years of Analytics tracking and Analytics certification, we can fine tune your files, goals and conversions to reap a positive ROI(return on investment).

HTML / CSS / Bootstrap / Responsive websites

Basically, Fullstack Web Studio only builds responsive websites and hand codes to ensure the site is exactly what the client wants, or exceeds expectations. This includes the actual html5 and css coding in addition to the rules for various responsive frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation and Skeleton. Once a website is built, it is viewed on a plethora of devices to ensure it looks elegant on all of them.

In addition to being a website, a responsive website that is coded efficiently can be recycled into an Android App.

If you are wondering about the meaning and history of responsive web design, let me help clear that up for you. Somewhere around 2011, web developers would typically build websites with fixed widths, or websites that had fluid widths. The former was the easier approach and most common while the latter did shrink and expand sections depending on device and browser width.

Soon after that, some large css responsive Frameworks were created to handle device breakpoints and allow for a site to look elegant and eficient on phones, tablets and pcs. To this day, they are just a practical way to develop websites so each device can have the best experience.

Javascript: Jquery, AngularJS and Vanilla

In a nutshell, practically every website uses some form of Javascript in one way or another to make site responsive, or add features like slideshows. Not only do I modify existing Javascript ion order to detail a web to specs, I write custom code to enable the exact behaviour the client wants; such as hiding some features for mobile devices, updating a database with Ajax for the best user experience and using the Jquery mobile framework to build an effective Android phone app.

Joomla & Drupal

Along with WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the next most popular content management systems. My experience with these two platforms goes back to around their early days around 2006.

As far as Joomla is concerned, I can update or build an existing site from scratch and add or build any required plugins you need from scratch. One decent reason to use Joomla is that it has great navigation and is very easy to edit theme files and content. Editing modules and extensions is also a straightforward process; much like most content management systems as the files have strict locations so they are easy to find. Custom modules are also very easy to implement as they all have an xml file that shows the links of the module files and allows you to make custom parameters to access in the ‘php’ files so users can make customizations.

In addition, it is possible to transfer these existing sites to WordPress.


Laravel has its place when you want that custom app; such as a membership site like Groupon or another big idea. The benefits of Laravel is that it is a set of rules to build a web application.
Therefore, you can easily pass a project to one or more developers as you wish and are not stuck with code that web developers have trouble working with.

Android Apps

Android apps are those wonderful applications you search and download from Google Play that do some special task(s) and can access features from your smart phone like GPS location and camera. Apps are an integral part of any web application where it helps a business; such as tracking the pizza delivery driver.

Fullstack can build your app as a Native app coded predominantly in Java, or as a hybrid app using Apache Cordova. To save you money and time, Cordova will be used as the technologies to build an app with this method are very similar to those that are used to build a website. Thus, time and money is saved in the building process.

Although Android apps appear straightforward from the onset, we need to discuss your app plan and future needs since there are many technologies behind the scenes. For example, do you just need the most basic App that will create an icon on the user’s phone that links to a built in web browser? In this case, it is called a webview and it is the cheapest and fastest route since it is just a mobile website wrapped up as an app.

For more elaborate apps, the possibilities are practically endless. Below is a list of some features you can incorporate into your app.

  • GPS location
  • Send camera pics to remote server.
  • Remote Authentication
  • Load external websites
  • Parse Json WordPress posts
  • Whatever you imagine..

Once the app is built and passes the test, a digital signature and keystore file will be created and saved so you can safely update in the future(if you want to). Finally, it is submitted to Google Play with all the appropriate files; such as thumbnails, photo icons and main apk file.

Cordova App Design
Cordova App Developer
Android Studio Native Android App Developer

Web Services

Rest and SOAP web services allow you to send and retrieve data from local and remote servers using secure authentication. For example, it can be used to gather your images from your flickr account or push leads from your website database into an online leads management system like Zoho or salesforce.


Cpanel is a popular software application that runs on the Centos(linux) server. It makes managing a web account a simple process. It is used by many small and large hosting companies. With Cpanel, there is database management, email management, spam control, ssl certificate management, database management, and security features….just to name a few.

High Performance Websites

A website may look good, but that does not mean it is coded well. Often, this is a situation I fix all the time as many do-it-yourself platforms and web developers code for quick build and look, and do not clean up the code to make the website run like a Ferrari. Speed and efficiency is important because users hate waiting for pages to respond, and bad coding and over-coding can allow that to happen. Websites must load quick for all users wehther the connection is high speed ethernet or slow wifi in a crowded cafe. After a couple of seconds, that back button looks good to most users and they will just move on to the next listing.

Website Cloning

Cloning is a valuable technique to acquire your website code from a provider who will not give it to you. Yes, this does happen. With a clone, I can get your copyrighted files and make modifications to your site, or use that code to be a new WordPress template.

Point of Sale Systems

You may want to use your Ipad or Android phone as a ‘Point of Sale’ system. In addition,
you may wish to have e-commerce running too, so visitors can buy from your website or your mobile device. This method will ensure you will get all sales with cash, credit, debit for your in-person sales and credit card payments for your online store. What tops this off is that the inventory is under control and both devices can sync inventory.

If my websites have generated hundreds of thousands in income for myself, why not let me do the same for you? What are you waiting for? Please call today to increase your business awareness and profits.

Squamish Website Projects

Squamish Rock Band
Squamish web design example for rock bandy

Client wanted a responsive website that looked close to their favourite design. Therefore, I customized a theme into HTML / CSS and converted it to a WordPress theme. The content was delivered on time and they loved the results.

  • HTML / CSS and Javsacript
  • Elegant, WordPress, Responsive Design
  • Embedded Feeds from facebook and Instagram.
Squamish Garden Shop
Squamish web design example

One of my own personal sites. It reflects my beliefs and way of life combined with ecommerce and tutorials. It shows one of the best methods to produce food hydroponically on the planet.

  • HTML / CSS and Javsacript
  • Elegant, WordPress, Responsive Design
  • Ecommerce
  • Ecommerce integrates with Square Point of Sale