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Site Login and Access Control PHP Script

The most popular server side programming language on the web. PHP Tips.

  •   Write high performance php / mySQL scripts
  •   Variables
  •   Functions
  •   Make Web Applications Fast
  •   Third party scripts like WordPress, Joomla and Sitemakin CMS
  •   Object Oriented PHP (OOP)


Custom Websites

Relational databases make your desired web application perform as expected. MYSQL Tips. 

  •   Relational databases
  •   High performance mysql queries
  •   Command Line and phpMyAdmin
  •   Tuning your database
  •   Tips and tricks

Animated Flash Websites

The server that brings your website to the browser. Apache Tips.

  •   Configure a website
  •   Virtual Hosts
  •   Use on any Linux distro
  •   Lighttpd Server
  •   Nginx Server

Basic Web Pages or Content Management System

Linux is worth exploring and knowing how it works. It runs everywhere and web developer should unleash his potential with its usage. Linux Tips.
  •   Host Your Own Websites
  •   Manage Your Own Server / Command Line / Cpanel
  •   Raspberry Pi (Raspberry Pi Tips)
  •   Linux on USB
  •   Virtual Linux machines in Windows