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RSS Feeds and SEO

Most regular bloggers have a common goal; get more traffic and more regular readers. Therefore, giving users the ability to subscribe to your RSS feeds is one such useful feature to keep them coming back. Some people like feeds and will seek your new articles. However, an additional gem is that RSS feeds on your website that are stored with Google Reader apparently gives you better rankings on your website. Since ‘Google Reader’ is the most popular method to subscribe and view feeds, this simple rss feed subscription service should not be overlooked.

Camstudio Quality

Camstudio can make very high quality video captures. It is open source and free.

To make a top quality Camstudio video,
1) Download and install Lossless codec or use an appropriate codec.
You can see the codecs at Options >Video Options >Select codec and set a high quality.
2) Options >Autopan Speed >Use a high number.
3) Use a mic. Setting are Options >Audio Options >Audio options for microphone. When the settings are ideal, the sound will be good.
4) When making a video capture, you set the size with Region >Fixed Region. Here is where you want the target video size.

When you make a movie with Camstudio, the recording area will be highlighted and moves as you move the mouse. If you stay within 1-inch from the edge, the region will not move. If you move closer to the edge, the region will move and the scrolling of the page may look a little stuttered. 

If you make Camstudio videos within the fixed regions and add all video degments into video editing software, they will look very professional. If you need to scroll throughout the page and move the region, make sure to do it very slow and the results will be satisfactory.

Video Size for the Web

When a video is made for the web, sizing is very important. The major is issue is the dominant player for which the video will be played. If the video will be played on a player 320px x 240px, then this size is fine to make the video; whether the source is a video capture or edited movie. But, if the video target is youtube, a size like 640 x 480 or 640 x 360 may be preferred.

If the video will be embedded on a smaller a size on the website and viewable on youtube, the smaller size will expand and look larger on youtube without sacrifice to quality, while it will also look in proportion on the website. However, a video that is too large for the small website player that will bescaled down will cause a difficult navigational experience for the even though it looks proper for youtube.