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Joomla, Drupal and WordPress have add-ons that can be used to create websites that will do specific functions; like add a directory, classified ads, and streaming audio. In Joomla, they are called components, modules and plugins. In Drupal, they are called modules. In WordPress, they are widgets.

Here are some features that can be installed in Joomla,Wordpress and Drupal to create a custom need:

* eCommerce Shops
* Directory systems
* Event calendars
* News system
* Document management systems
* Ads and Affiliates
* Statistics tools
* Polls
* Surveys
* Video streaming
* Youtube video sharing
* Flash banners
* Google maps
* Slideshows and galleries
* Subscription systems
* Online communities
* Blogs
* Forums
* Chat rooms
* Wikis
* Online surveys
* Custom forms
* Real estate listings
* Job listings/Job boards
* RSS readers
* Sitemaps
* SEO/SEF extensions
* FTP rooms

… and many many more!

After the component, module, plugin or widget is installed, it can be configured in the CMS backend to behave as desired. After that point (more often than not), the add-on must need further PHP and CSS editing so that it works as desired.