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Adding video into blogs and forums can be done through various means; such as embedding local videos or adding Youtube videos.

This sort of feature on a website can be used for so many uses; such as travel writers wanting to post tales and videos on the fly, a bounty hunter with new leads, a private eye tracking a cheater for divorce purposes, a writer with new blog entries with video readings,  and any other use where video and text make a great union.

Adding Youtube videos is the simplest method for which to add videos.

To add Youtube videos into a blog,

1) Join Youtube which takes a minute. 

2) Upload the video.

3) Wait for Youtube to convert it.

4) Take the Youtube ID and use that in the blog or forum entries. For this to happen, you may need to hire a web developer to set the blog up so that this is possible, just like the video inserted into one of these blog entries.

[youtube: 375 283]