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The blogger is the freelance-style writer who writes about a topic of interest or a topic for which he receives a paycheck. Writing the blog is like writing a magazine article. The article could be short or long. This type of writing is often satisfying since a writer(especially on his own terms) can just write what he wants.

Normally, there is some sort of intention for blogging articles; such as taking notes and making articles that a targeted audience will find. Desired traffic to a website is always a good thing. Since blogs can be organized into categories, they have the potential to be anything like a collection of short stories to a full online book.

Blogging is a lucky talent for some people since they can write Google-keyword-targeted content without much hesitation, while most people despise writing, well before the days of a 5,000 word university history paper.

With a little savvy, bloggers can add text, embedded video, sound and commenting into each blog post. The positives are plenty. It can be fun in the beginning, but as website gets over 100,000 words, assembling a linking strategy, artful SEO and the power of search indexing increases dramatically.