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Blogging and SEO

Blogging is about the simplest and fastest way to create new pages for a never-ending Search Engine Optimization(SEO) program. The hard part is being a good writer or blogger for which propper grammer is used with words that flow continuously.

With blogs and blogging platforms, new pages can automatically create new pages with the desired titles. Since Google has standards, and learning those standards is not rocket science, starting an seo program today for tomorrow’s future is always a good idea and satisfying as you watch a website blossom.

With blogging, you can create new articles with titles, keywords, descriptions and various tags (h1, h2, b).


The more is better approach is a method for which you do your best to write relevant content for a specific audience. It is a very simple procedure to get people to your website. For those who shun writing, you can always have someone else write it for you.

1) You do your best to write perfect editorial copy with appropriate tags and title the first time. You want it perfect, but the odd typo won’t be the end of the world. But, too many typos will look amateur. Then, you can add the content to a sitemap, but often, Google will pick it up soon enough without revising the sitemap.

2) Instead of focussing on the past, you go forward. This means you keep writing new articles. Google likes sites that update with new content on a regular basis. Also, you may find writing 2 pages on a similar topic attracts more traffic than 1 revised article. You can attempt to see how popular keywords are using various tools, but at times it can seem like a lottery to see how well pages rank. Being on the first page or near the top is always satisfying. In some cases, there is not a pure recognizable formula. But experience shows that writing more articles that are similar to others in content and linked together, will pull each other up as will an anchor link from a website using the same text as an article title.

Patience is always a key too. A website that gets stronger and stronger with good internal linking and plenty of updated content can show newly indexed pages within days. It seems harder to build from the beginning rather than building with a solid foundation. For example, a new site with the same content may not rank as high as a 3 year old site using the same content.

3) Read the stats. It is not uncommon for a 150-450 word article to attract 6-25 unique visitors a months. This translates into 72-300 unique vistors for one article per year. With an article a day which is like writing a small book, the numbers could be near 25,000-131,000 unique visitors. These numbers are very rough, but it gives the idea regarding expansion.

What all this means is that the web is still owned by those who can write. Although the technical aspects of SEO are always changing and play a significant role, text has always been the key ingredient to organic Google search queries. Without text nothing shows up in the organic search. Although the web has many people mesmorized, hypnotized, or whatever, writing is still something that hinders SEO since it is a completely different creative activity than web design, web development and software development.

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