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Blogging Voices & SEO

You see this article and you wonder what place it has to do with SEO and blogging. Well, not much and that is exactly what the article is trying to explain. When articles are written in blogs or anywhere else, the writer can choose various narrators; first person[I], second person[You] or third person[he, she,it] to describe an article. Furthermore, you can use the passive voice which is often used in the making of boring articles that are often found in repair manuals and some how-to books.

Passive Voice

The passive voice will sound like:
‘The next step is to disconnect the wire from the laptop’s bus.’

First Person
The first person will sound like:
‘I tried to install Joomla but it didn’t work.’

Second Person
The second person sounds like:
‘You install Joomla with the correct database name, password, db_prefix, db_username and sample data.’

Third Person
The third person goes like this:
‘He tried to install Joomla but, it would not install since he forgot the db_password.’

As it was explained previously, which method you choose to use is entirely up to you. Copywriters and other people with strong English skills may recommend you stay consistent, or you can hire them to make an edit. However, articles that vary in terms of writing ‘voices’ do not seem any better or worse off in search engines than others. Furthermore, combining various voices in an article which contains proper grammar and spelling does not seem worse for wear either. If you cannot write with adequate grammar and spelling, it recommended to use Word until you make the grade. If Word is used for computer articles, there can be issues when copying and pasting the text, especially into a CMS. To keep the code lean and clean, it is recommended to copy and paste the text from Word to Notepad prior to inserting the text into an article.

You may find that using the first person or second person is easy-reading while the passive voice can be harder to comprehend. Therfore, if you use the passive voice, you could lose a person’s interest in the website.

We are all different. But writing in the first person or second person is probably easier than creating prose with the passive voice.