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Directories and SEO

Directories can be a fantastic format for search engine optimization. Directories can be custom pages with / without Google mapping, or pre-made scripts integrated into a website. Directories allow you to add listings that will dynamically generate page titles and custom text; just like a simple web page. If the directory is a unique fit into your website; such as construction ‘Do It Yourself’ web site with contractor listings, the relevant entries could be a reason for web surfers to bookmark your site. As a general rule; a bigger, better informative site receives better, more targeted traffic.

There are many, many directories available for a fee, or for free. Some are stand-alone scripts while others are extensions, modules or plugins for content management systems. Thje scripts come in various server-side languages using a database like php/mysql or / msSQL.

If an administrator is not too concerned about style, finding the appropriate directory software that would suffice with limited editing makes the integration much simpler. However, even the best directory solution for a website could take some time, if not up to a hundred hours of editing to make it look and function as desired. Some of the editing could be simple backend ‘Click and Save’ techniques, while other editing could be changing php, css and Javascript coding. In many cases, forums could help solve issues, but at other times you are on your own.

Many directories have a backend that will keep track of web hits. On the other hand, the database may have a column in a table which tracks web hits. Analyzing traffic from a time to time will demonstrate how your directory traffic is functioning.