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Free PHP Scripts

Free php scripts can be found at many online directories and websites. There are many simple FREE PHP scripts that have been built for specific purposes such as; files uploading, image gallries, rss feeds, cms’, mass emailing, web staistics and more. There are also many elaborate free php scripts such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PHPBB, SMF Forum, OSCommerce and many more.

Custom Free PHP Scripts

Often, web developers build applications or scripts and release the code to the public. There are many reasons why a php web developer would want to release free php scripts. Some of thee reasons are; to interact and share with the public, receive lots of traffic, to give back for what they had received in the past, to help others and to advertise a commercial PHP script. Regardless of the reason why a php web programmer would give away the script, there are many good free scripts that work well right out of the box, there some that are a good start and need custom programming to make them function as desired and there are some that can waste a programmer’s time. In very little time, a good programmer should be able to spot a script that is not worth using and one that is not.

Commercial and Non Commercial PHP Scripts

Many free PHP scripts exist in directories that contain free and commercial php scripts. Free may seem like the best deal, but it may not the case. In some cases, there could be a free script that behaves very similar toi a commercial script. On the other hand, there are some commercial php scripts that do wonders for a few dollars. A $10 script could save you hours of work modifying a free php script to do the same thing. As you know more and more about programming and scipt usage, you will know when spending a few dollars is the best option for better and faster web development.

PHP Script Directories

Some of the popular php web directories to find lots of scripts are:

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