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Google has many free tools and javascripts for which a developer can download and use. A very good set of tools for a PHP programmer are the chart tools. Basically, the chart tools are javascripts provided by Google. But, php developers can use them with PHP / mySQL queries to put the data into the charts. They keyo to most charts is the usage of php tags within the Javascript. Since most charts use an array of data; PHP allows you to print a string within the Javascript so that you can input desired data from the database. This section will demonstrate how to effectively use the charts with php tags within Javascript code.

Many Google Codes can be found at the ‘Code Playground’.
The Google Playground can be found at
For example, pie charts can be found at the playground.

To get a desired chart at the ‘Google Playground’,

1) Select an option under ‘Pick Api’.
2) Select ‘View Docs’.

Google Pie Charts
If you want to add a Google pie chart to your website, you can find them at or