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Google Keywords Analysis

Although driving traffic to your website is a collection of crafting good text, good page titles and good linking, much consideration should also go to positioning location per traffic of keyword. For example, assume you write a powerful article that will show up in Google’s search results for specific keywords. Now, ask yourself the question: What are the odds of someone reading or scanning through 20 titles to find me? Then, ask yourself, “Would I get more desired traffic designing a search scheme for less searched keywording; like Italian Restaurant in Vancouver vs Restaurant in Vancouver?”.

Since different keywords will create different user responses, you must understand your user and learn how to write for that user. This process will take trial, error and changing text. As time goes on, adding specific keywords and fresh, grammatically correct written articles can seem to create a rather predictable outcome.

But, if you want the user to return you better be a company for which he wants to do business or maintain a website that is a worthwhile bookmark.