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Cloning With Clonezilla

Clonezilla is free software that can be used to make a cloned image (iso file) of your pc. After you make the clone, it can be used to replicate other installations on other pc and be used as a backup.

Clonezilla can be downloaded from Then, you can make a live cd or usb for which you run at boot time when you want to make your clone.

Key Points To Remember

1. When you make a a clone with Clonezilla, the first disk options you select will be the destination disk where you want to save the clone. The second option will be to select the source disk you want cloned . making a mistake here can destroy your data.

2. When you restore a clone with Clonezilla, your first selection will be to select the disk which holds the iso image. Your second option will be to select the disk where you want to add the cloned image.

Cloning USB Hard Drives With Clonezilla

After you boot from CD or usb with Clonezilla, you can insert two usb drives into other usb ports. One usb will be the iso file and one will be formatted and blank. Then, you just go along with Clonezilla instructions and clone one usb drive to another usb stick. This method can be used to clone persistent Linux installations from usb to usb. In fact, you can set up a server, a website and an email server on a usb stick. This is no way to host a website, but, it is a simple and cheap method to experiment with Linux installations on disk.