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To install WordPress,
1) Download WordPress from
2) Create a new folder on your desktop. It can have any name like WordPress.
3) Copy and paste the wordpress zip file (i.e. wordpress-3.2.1) into the directory
4) Extract the file with zip utility.
5) Rename the WordPress file for the website name (like
6) Copy and paste or transfer the files into the appropriate server directory.
7) Open the web address or local Wamp directory
8) Click ‘Crate a Configuration File’
9) Select ‘Let’s Go’
10) Create a database with phpMyAdmin or root mysql>
11) Enter the appropriate databasename, username, password and prefix. The prefix should be something different for security purposes.For Wamp, the username is root, password is ‘blank’ and prefix is what you want.
12) Advance to the next page when you have the appropriate database name, username, password and prefix.
13) Select ‘Run the Install’
14) Select a ‘Site Title’
15) Fill in a username or leave Username as admin, password, and email address.
16) Select ‘Install WordPress’.
17) Login to wp-ad at http://localhost/sitename/wp-admin or view page at http://localhost/sitename/