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Javascript is great stuff. But, it does have a few drawbacks. This article is about redirecting a web page or module if Javascript is not enabled. According to w3 Schools, 95% of all web browsers had Javascript turned on and this number had generally shown an upward trend in usage since 2000. These days, after installation, Javascript is turned on by default with most browsers.

If you really want to cater to everyone, you could make one website with Javascript while you could redirect the others to a non-javascript site (or page).

A noscript tag can be added into html, the main index.php file, or any other page for which you want to redirect a user if no Javascript is enabled. Here is the code to redirect users:

<noscript> <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”2; URL=http://www.the”></noscript>

As a web developer, we have experienced users who disable Javascript, but often for the sake of malicious activity. They had done so to cause a harassment issue by trying to go around the Javascript validation. The current ip tracking from Unix timestamps, ip addresses and proxy servers is under investigation. Here is a link which explains how users trying to hide their identity can be identified:
See link.

To deal with individuals that like to browse your website for no other reason than being an annoyance, you can run the noscript tag and redirect to page for which the ip address and Unix timestamp will be inserted into a database. You can then track the ip’s browsing behavior for each and every visited page. The Unix timestamp will pinpoint exact time to the second, and ultimately, the location for which such behavior occurred.