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PHP Blogs are the common blogs on the Internet. In fact, rumor has it that WordPress accounts for 20% of all new websites.

WordPress is a very popular php blog for many reasons; it easy to learn, it ranks well with Google and other search engines, there are many good plugins and many web developers use it.

However, there are many other open source applications and php scripts which function as blogging platforms. For example, Joomla works okay as a blog, especially with the components Myblog or Jaggy Blog.

High Performance Blogging

Although the majority of web development leans towards the usage of assembly line open source products like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal for php blogging; there are many lightweight php / mySQL blogs which can be very effective.

Custom blogs can outperform the open source applications much like a custom chopper outperforms an assembly line product.

Here is where creating a very custom project gets easier than open source applications like WordPress since templating an exact html / css template can be done very quickly; and performance would be like night and day.

We could talk benchmarks all day; but the Bootstrap and PhpBlogifier Blog samples displays help to create a fast loading blog. You can check typical WordPress blogging benchmarks and you may find that that many results don’t even come close to the 1/100th of a second to execute all php code.

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