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OOP Programming in PHP

Depending on one’s background and learning methods, a PHP programmer is often lead to examine Procedural PHP vs OOP in PHP.

For the serious individual who want to program in PHP, learning both methods opens much more doors. Even if you never code in OOP, knowing how to read it will allow you to see what is going on in other people’s code. Chances are if you use large open source OOP in PHP you will want to edit or redo blocks of code. If you don’t know OOP and you open an application written in OOP, you will be lost. But, with a little practice and education, you can familiarize yourself with some OOP concepts like inheritance, polymorphism, instantiating objects, classes, methods, properties, constructors, objects, magic methods and encapsulation. If you don`t want to use OOP, it is recommended to avoid software which uses it. nevertheless, OOP can be found in CMS` like Joomla and PHP Frameworks like Zend and Codeigniter.

OOP uses properties, classes and methods. Properties are like variables and methods are like functions. which are variables and functions in whereas PHP functions can pass absolute parameters(like defined variables and strings), methods(functions in OOP) can take in parameters which can confuse a procedural PHP programmer. In a nutshell, classes have their own ways of doing things.