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PHP Properties Basics

The code below is about as simple as it gets to show how public, protected and private properties can be accessed.

As you can see, the parent class ‘tag’ has a public, protected and private property. After the $test object is instantiated with the line $test = new Form(); the constructor runs. As you can see, it only outputs the public and protected properties. On the bottom of the page, only the public property ‘$test->name’ will print.

class Tag

    public $name = "Peter";
    protected $name2 = "Paul";
    private $name3 = "Mary";


class Form extends Tag

    function __construct()
        echo $this->name;
        echo $this->name2;
        echo $this->name3;


$test = new Form();
echo "<br>";

echo $test->name. " \n";
echo $test->name2. " \n";
echo $test->name3. " \n";