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When you use a content management system like Joomla and WordPress you can use components, modules, extensions, php frameworks and pure php/mysql.

Adding Pure PHP / MYSQL
The content management systems have many available templates and extensions, but, there may be times when you have a stand-alone php/mysql application that you want to add, but not recode into an extension. You just want to add it quick.

To add a pure php / mysql application you simply copy and paste the application inside the root directory. The index.php file could be accessed like The url could be added to the main menu of the content management system. The urls for each file of the new application could use absolute or relative urls; like join.php or

To finalize the application, you can dump the database schema into the existing database for the CMS, or use a different database. The application can use the same stylesheet too if an absolute url is used to link the stylesheet.

To keep it simple and use a php / mysql cms you can try Sitemakin CMS.