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Tabs and SEO

You see tabs everywhere, especially large websites like MSN and Yahoo Sports. Normally upon clicking, tabs allow websites to display content within a particular module. The benefit of tabs is that the page can hold much more content than a page without tabs.

To achieve the tab effect, Javascript may be used within a module to swap the view of the area upon a click. With some tabs, the text may load into the document and into the space when the page loads. With other tabs, the content may only display when the tab is clicked. The tab with the loading content would be the beneficial tab for SEO.

Many modules and tabs can display any dynamic content; from text to video. Many such open source scripts are available for static html/css sites to content management systems. If the code is available to use and modify, the site admin should look at it to make sure it is optimized and minified so that performance optimization is given a high priority.