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When websites are being built, many people ask a version of this question, "I want my website to be at the top of the page for this and that." Of course, everyone wants that. But, only so much is possible, and one of the nerve racking factors for the webmaster and client is time.

When people here this response, "Time, a lot of what Google ranks takes time. The time comes after everything else; a near-perfect, well written website. And, don’t expect a bargain website for a few hundred dollars is going to push the largest competitors out of the way. It just does not work like that. These big companies hire employees to keep building more sites on different ips, set up many blogs and make links through all sorts of methods. Are you willing to match the $100,000/year that the Big Fish pays?" At this point, they kind of get an idea that there is more to a website than 5 pages and bunch of tricks. The five pages and a bunch of tricks of the trade will help, but, there will be key holes to exploit rather than takeover the ranks of the ‘Big Fish’ who spend and work to stay on top.

Back To Time:
Due to how the web has evolved, Google does not reward a new site with a great rank right off the bat. After the site is submitted, or a sitemap is made and submitted, Google will eventually index the site. Since so much spam and fly-by-night outfits pop up all over the place, search engines like Google have every right to be skeptical of newcomers pumping out spam. But, as the site sticks around and goes through frequent editing and new content is added,  its placement and coverage of keywords and phrases tends to become solid and visitors increase.