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Testing Linux Distributions with Virtualbox

Virtualbox is free software from Oracle which can be downloaded and installed on Windows that can be used to run other operating systems.

1) Open Virtualbox.

2) Select ‘New’ >Give a descriptive name.

3) Set the memory limit.

4) Create a virtual hard drive.

5) Select a hard drive file type.

6) Choose a storage option.

7) Input the virtual hard drive space.

Running the Virtual Machine

1) Select the option you want to use >Click Start

2) Select an iso

3) Select ‘Start’


Operating System Specifics

At this point, you can install the operating system just as you would on a regular hard drive. If all goes well, you should be able to boot into your operating system of choice and run it. The Internet should work too. However, you may find that some operating systems, like Centos will need to make a small adjust in order for the Internet to work. For example, when you use Centos you may have to select ‘auto Eth0’ for the network connection.

Linux Live Distro

If you plan to use a ‘Live’ version of Linux, you can select the operating system (ie. Centos) >Settings >Storage >Select the ‘iso’ file >Select ‘Live CD/DVD’