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As a Linux enthusiast, particularly Ubuntu for home pcs, I had decided to write this article to explain why I have really taken to Ubuntu Mate. If I could sum it up in two words, it would be Ubuntu compatibility.

Several years ago, I had an old HP laptop that came with Windows Vista for which I wanted to install Ubuntu. After installing Ubuntu 12 and 14, the graphics did not not work properly out of the box. Even with some tinkering, there was issues. But, when I installed Linux Mint, it worked fine.

However, I had used Ubuntu extensively throughout the years and really liked the forums, always kept a copy of the book ‘Ubuntu Unleashed’ close to my workstation and was brand faithful. Thus, although I liked a lot about Linux Mint, especially the GUI, it always felt like I was substituting for my favorite Linux flavor.

Hence, if you have a Linux background, you may know what I am about to say next. When I first installed Ubuntu Mate 16 in the same old laptop, everything went perfect. In addition, I really liked the GUI and color scheme.

Since then, I bought several old laptops at auctions and have installed them without any issues as well.

Finally, my new Raspberry Pi3. I bought a new 16GB micro SD card and installed the Ubuntu Mate image designed for the Raspberry Pi. Again, I was very impressed how well it performed.

That’s it, my little story about Ubuntu Mate and why I have it in four of my pcs.