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Using WordPress for a Content Management System

When you make a WordPress 3 site, you may want it to behave more as a content management system rather than a blog. The simple method, is to avoid using posts since they will group in widget categories and can cause building the site a lengthier exercise. If only pages are used, then the site can be built in logical order.

To create the home page,
1) Click Settings >Reading >Front Page Displays: A static page >Select Static Page >Save Changes.

But, yes…but. But what if I want a blog on one page and the others as pages? Can that be done. Of course. To allow a blog (which uses posts), you make a menu link to a post category. The link on the menu could be something like http://localhost/mysite/archives/category/uncategorized This page will call this category, which in this case is uncategorized. Now, you can add a widget for the catgories. If only the category.php file uses the get_sidebar(); function, the category list will only show up on the blog page. Now, all categories can be clicked and the web surfer can use the blog as it had been intended to be used.