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If you install or use WordPress, you may eventually hit a minor wall regarding the theme style. One major issue is the sidebar on the left(or right). By default, WordPress will have ‘Bookmarks’, ‘Archives’ and a ‘Search’ box in the vertical menu.

If you use or alter a default template, you can always select Appearance>Widgets in the administrator zone and remove them from showing up. With other templates, hand-made or computer generated, you can open up the editor and delete code. You can open up the sidebar PHP file; such as sidebar1.php located: Appearance>Editor.

The code below is represents the search widget. By cutting the following code and saving the new file, the search box and title will disappear. It is always a good idea to keep a backup file while editing a new file; especially if you have limited PHP knowledge.

<div class=”art-block”>
    <div class=”art-block-body”>
<div class=”art-blockheader”>
    <div class=”l”></div>
    <div class=”r”></div>
     <div class=”t”><?php _e(‘Search’, ‘kubrick’); ?></div>
<div class=”art-blockcontent”>
<div class=”art-blockcontent-tl”> </div>
<div class=”art-blockcontent-tr”> </div>
<div class=”art-blockcontent-bl”> </div>
<div class=”art-blockcontent-br”> </div>
<div class=”art-blockcontent-tc”> </div>
<div class=”art-blockcontent-bc”> </div>
<div class=”art-blockcontent-cl”> </div>
<div class=”art-blockcontent-cr”> </div>
<div class=”art-blockcontent-cc”> </div>
<div class=”art-blockcontent-body”><!– block-content –>
<form action=”&lt;?php bloginfo(‘url’); ?&gt;/” name=”searchform” method=”get”>
    <input type=”text” style=”width: 95%;” name=”s” value=”&lt;?php the_search_query(); ?&gt;” /> <span class=”art-button-wrapper”>     <span class=”l”> </span>     <span class=”r”> </span>     <input type=”submit” value=”&lt;?php _e(‘Search’, ‘kubrick’); ?&gt;” name=”search” class=”art-button” /> </span>
<!– /block-content –>
<div class=”cleared”> </div>
<div class=”cleared”> </div>